5 ways to make more profit in your company thanks to AR augmented reality.

What is AR Augmented Reality?

AR is an abbreviation of Augmented Reality. Contrary to VR technology (which separates us from the outside world) – the premise of augmented reality is to accompany us in the physical world. The role of AR is a bit like the relationship we have with the television set in our homes. We watch TV programs while glancing at our phones, preparing dinner or doing other daily activities. Augmented reality is a technology that allows us to use various types of digital data in the context of the surrounding reality, but in a completely new way.

What does it mean that we have AR in our phones?

The AR function is already “sewn” into most of our smartphones. To put it simply – the camera in the phone “scans” the surroundings, recognizing the location of the surface around us (eg table top, floor). On the other hand, the appropriate software algorithms enable the connection of appropriate digital information to this location, i.e. for example, by incorporating a 3D model of a washing machine (its visual, digital twin) into the floor. Thanks to AR, looking through the camera at a digital washing machine, we can see it from any angle. Move her. Turn around. Everything on a 1: 1 scale and in the context of the reality that surrounds us. Instead of looking at the photo on the Internet – I can see the washing machine in the place where I want to put it, e.g. in my own home.

Does it need a special application installed on the phone for AR?

The beauty is that it used to be that way. Your company can choose and quickly take advantage of a solution called “WEB AR”. Thanks to this, you can simply place a 3D model of a washing machine under a link on the Internet (e.g. in your e-commerce, on a website, in a social media post or send such a link to the model via SMS). Our smartphone already takes care of displaying a digital object in space.

­čôóHow can my company benefit from AR?

  1. E-commerce. Add the AR function to your store’s website and you will be able to test your product by the consumer before buying it (like the washing machine mentioned above).
  2. Social media. Instead of writing or showing only photos of the product – add a link to the post with its digital version in AR. Let the recipient “see him” with his own eyes ­čÖé
  3. Marketing. AR is a technology that can creatively liven up any advertisement that your customer comes into contact with. Whether he’s waiting at the bus stop or out in town, seeing outdoor, mural or poster. As? Add a QR sign to the printout with a link to AR and surprise the recipient in the place where he is currently staying.
  4. Product packaging. It’s a great platform to surprise the consumer with AR and stand out on the store shelf. Revive the label, add a three-dimensional instruction for action or gamification as part of the loyalty program.
  5. Trade fairs and direct sales. A common challenge is to physically collect all variants or items of the offer in one place. With AR, you will enable access and testing of the digital version of products from anywhere, regardless of their size.

It is also a step towards the presence of your company’s offer on the Metaverse.┬áRead more about the Metaverse here.

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