Explore immersive VR and AR technologies.

Virtual reality.

I don’t know if you know, but VR glasses separate us completely from the physical world. They are opaque. This is not a coincidence. This is the premise of virtual reality to focus your attention solely on the digital world. Virtual reality will give you the unique feeling of being in a digitally mapped space of the real world or experiencing conditions that would be impossible to achieve in the real world. It can have an interactive or static form – depending on the type of VR application being programmed. You yourself can appear in this space as a virtual character, i.e. an avatar.

Augmented Reality.

The premise of augmented reality is to accompany you in the physical world. The role of AR is a bit like the relationship we have with the television set in our homes. We watch TV programs while glancing at our phones, preparing dinner or painting our nails. Augmented reality is a technology that allows us to use various types of digital data in the context of the surrounding reality, but in a completely new way. For example, instead of viewing photos of products on the Internet, you can use the AR function and see their three-dimensional visualization in a 1: 1 scale in the place where you are at the moment, or interact with the hologram of your friend, whom you are just “calling”. It is worth knowing that the functions of augmented reality can be obtained using a smartphone and a tablet. When looking through, for example, the phone screen at the world around you, you can place new virtual items in it. Some time ago, special transparent glasses were also created. Due to their price, such glasses are most often found in highly professional applications. But in fact, such glasses were created to replace your phone. It is said that this breakthrough will come this decade. Today, each of these technology carriers is selected for different reasons and is a response to various challenges and needs.

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