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  • We will assess the potential of using VR training in your company. We will provide implementation. We will indicate what is the most profitable. We will assess the economic effects of introducing modern VR teaching methods in your organization.
  • We will develop and deliver professional, ready-to-implement VR training. We hire the best people. Trainings are always tailored to the needs and specificity of the company’s operation. They are to save time and increase the safety of employees, machines and devices.
  • We help to effectively manage the knowledge exchange among employees. You will gain access to our award-winning ConnectedVR platform, which enables the management, distribution and analytics of VR training courses. It is rich in unique functions such as ShareVR – sharing and previewing VR space between users.
Wywodzimy się z biznesu i zatrudniamy najlepszych ludzi. Wiemy po co jest biznes. Biznes jest po to, aby zarabiać pieniądze. A wszystkie działania, które podejmujesz mają zwiększać wartość twojej firmy. Zastanawiasz się, jaką przewagę daje nam zrozumienie tego tematu? Odpowiedz jest prosta. Wszystkie nasze działania mają mieć pozytywny wynik biznesowy w twojej, dużej firmie. I to jest naszą misją.

Bądź szybszy niż Twoja konkurencja.

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We don’t know yet either. That’s why we should get to know each other better. We know technology and we understand your business. You will receive from us a full picture of VR training opportunities tailored to your business goals. We will verify the profitability of such an investment. Only specific knowledge. However, if you want to expand your knowledge yourself, we invite you to watch our webinar Szkolenia VR.

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Our dedicated VR training scenarios combine the advanced knowledge of psychologists with innovative techniques of rapid knowledge transfer. The operating instructions provided to the employee and the verification of the acquired knowledge are automatically carried out in an engaging manner. We digitally model workplaces. We provide the necessary inventory to prepare the necessary graphic files. By placing the training on the ConnectedVR platform, you will gain access to numerous functions and ensure professional, controlled implementation of VR training in your organization. If you need support, we will be with you throughout the implementation process.

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Detailed information on our innovative trainings offer and a description of the functionality of the ConnectedVR platform can be found in our brochure. You will also learn what are the key benefits of implementing virtual reality in your company.
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Wirtualna rzeczywistość, virtual reality, VR – umożliwia użytkownikom VR na obecność w cyfrowo odwzorowanej przestrzeni świata rzeczywistego lub doświadczenie warunków, które byłyby niemożliwe do osiągnięcia w prawdziwym świecie. Trójwymiarowa przestrzeń VR może zostać stworzona za pomocą grafiki, animacji, video, fotografii lub być kombinacją tych elementów. Posiadać formę interaktywną i statyczną.

VR training includes both professional specialist hard skills training, e.g. training risky processes and procedures in a safe VR environment, and training in soft skills, e.g. public speaking. In the case of specialized VR training, the user can train by performing activities at a virtually mapped workplace. The user manuals provided to the user and the knowledge acquired are verified automatically. Thanks to VR technology, the user can train in conditions that would be impossible or dangerous to achieve in the real world (e.g. failure, explosion, flooding, fire). In the case of soft VR training, the user trains communication skills in a digitally mapped space of the real world (e.g. a conference room full of people). The subject of soft training in VR may be, for example, customer service, public speaking, recruitment, employee relations.

VR stands for Virtual Reality. It enables users to be present in a digitally mapped space of the real world. It is also an experience of conditions that would be impossible to achieve in the real world. The three-dimensional VR space can be created using graphics, animation, video, photography or a combination of these elements. It can have an interactive or static form – depending on the type of VR application being programmed. 

Yes, VR technology is profitable for business. The implementation of innovations such as VR in large companies is to support the achievement of business goals. The main goal of implementing VR technology is to increase profit in a given organization. For example – in the case of training in VR, the profit will be manifested, among others, by in saving time (faster and automated transfer of knowledge to employees), increasing the effectiveness of training (lower percentage of errors made while working in production). For museums, the implementation of the VR application will increase the attractiveness of the offer, which will translate into a greater number of visitors. In the educational industry, VR can be an advantage in distance learning, when schools are looking for new ways of communicating with students.